Online course on photo processing by Eva Milkonskaya
2 months of online education with practice, tests, communication in a closed chat and an individual motivation system for each student ✨
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Big online course on photo processing
From the most basic RAW conversion methods to professional photo editing techniques in 2 months of full online education.

As well as: practice, tests for each lesson, communication in an online chat with other students and a system of motivation and goals for quality consolidation of knowledge already obtained.
2 months of education• online at any time• practice + homework• forever access to lessons
Who this course will suit?
👶 Beginner photographers

This course is great for newbies.

We start the course from the very basics and gradually move on to more complex topics, so that even beginner photographers won’t face any difficulties. But if you do come across any, we are always ready to help in an online group chat or personally 😊
😎 Experienced photographers

There is a lot of useful information for experienced photographers in the course.

Even experienced photographers constantly learn a lot of new things in our courses, because we do not teach a simple and obvious base. Instead, in our courses, teachers share effective original techniques and best practices, which were obtained as a result of constant development in their field.

As it turns out, even those photographers who were sure that they knew almost everything about Photoshop learn new things from us 😎
👩‍💻 Retouchers

The course will be very useful for retouchers.

We do not just teach processing - we teach you to process photos quickly and efficiently, properly optimizing the workflow and getting rid of unnecessary and wasteful actions that slow down the work.

As a result — the ability to process photos efficiently and very quickly, which allows you to speed up your work process 💨
What will you learn
Properly work with RAW files
Make your photos have «delicious» colors
Select complex objects in a couple of clicks
Efficiently and quickly retouch the skin
Basic collage skills
Apply everything in practice
Course program
The course consists of three blocks. Classes for each of the blocks are opened gradually as you learn, but you can study the lessons at any convenient time. Access to all lessons and course materials remains forever.
A big block about RAW: we study the theory of working with RAW files, get acquainted with the features of working in Adobe Camera RAW, Adobe Lightroom and Capture One. We choose the most suitable converter for our tasks.

Having decided on the converter, we go deeper into working with RAW files: we work with contrast, light and color. We are learning how to apply masks during RAW conversion and process photos in batches.
Move on to Adobe Photoshop. We get acquainted with the interface of the Adobe Photoshop program and configure the working environment for ourselves. We analyze the main (basic) working tools.

We study layers / modes of mixing layers and learn how to apply them in our work. We are dealing with adjustment layers and masks.

Then we move on to the most difficult and interesting: we use complex masks in our work, work with channels, learn how to work with the color of both the entire photo as a whole and its individual sections.
We are going deeper into Adobe Photoshop. We analyze the basics of collaging, work with plastic and transformation.

Next, we study retouch: from the most basic techniques to professional methods and original methods of skin retouch.

We solidify the material, study the nuances of image refinement and preparation for publication on the Internet.
The final part.
Testing and examination.
Do you need a detailed course program and a teacher's consultation? Just tell me where to send it:
Where should I send the program?
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How the training goes
Learning lessons
One new lesson opens every week. You can watch them at any time and from any device: laptop, tablet, even from a mobile phone.

The main thing is to have time to learn a lesson within a week and send your homework.
We do homework
High-quality training is impossible without practice. For each lesson, you do your homework and pass a test.

The teacher carefully analyzes your HM, checks the tests and sends an analysis before the start of the next lesson. And so on throughout the course.
We communicate in the chat
Communication with other students is an important part of learning both at our courses and at marathons. To do this, we gather all participants in a group chat, where you can ask for advice, share successes and just have a good time in the company of like-minded people.
Keep up with the pace
Our task is to help you complete the entire course without giving up and without making excuses. To do this, we have special methods of motivation and a separate system of "kicks in the ass". It is difficult to keep up the pace for two months, so we will definitely help you with this.
Teacher’s work
Eva Milkonskaya
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2 months of education• online at any time• practice + homework• forever access to lessons
Frequently asked questions
I have children, a family, a dog, a job and workouts. Will I be able to keep up with the course classes?
Pfft, you certainly can!

New lessons on the course open every Monday at 10: 00, but you can view them at any convenient time: even at night, even during the day, even right at work or with children on your lap.

No webinars — for your convenience, we have recorded each of the lessons separately, voiced and edited them with high quality. So you will 100% be able to find a suitable time for learning during the course, the main thing is to have time to pass your homework and take a test in order to get an analysis from the teacher by the next lesson.
Sometimes I think I'm not the smartest person on the planet. Will I face difficulties?
Very unlikely. The material in our lessons is generally without unnecessary information and is understandable to absolutely everyone, and communication with the teacher and chat with other students of the group are always at your service. But even if you don't understand something, we will definitely explain it to you separately and fix it in practice with additional tasks.
Sometimes I have a feeling that I am a cool professional. Will this course be suitable for me?
It's hard to believe, but the fact is: no cool professional has yet told us that our course / marathon turned out to be useless for them. 100% of students will learn something new for themselves. Always. We give really high-quality and cool information, most of which are not even available on the Internet — these are the author's methods of our teachers and a carefully developed training program, so you definitely don’t need to worry about the time spent.

But let's do this: if you are really the chosen one who knows absolutely everything about processing, just contact us after the course that you have not learned anything new — and we will refund your money without any problems)
Sometimes I have a feeling that I don't know how to do anything at all. Will this course be suitable for me?
We present the material so clearly that even those guys who launch Capture One for the first time in their lives successfully pass courses and marathons. So don't panic, everyone is succeeding with us)
If I don't do my homework on time, will I be pulled out of the course?
We will call your parents, of course, but we will not expel you from the course. But this does not mean that you can relax — for absence on the course and for unfulfilled homework, we do "a-ta-ta" and demand that you do everything.
And if after the course I forget everything and want to repeat what I learned? Will I need to go through it again?
No. After the end of the course, the lessons remain in your personal account forever.
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Where should I send the lessons?
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